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NBA 2K15 Review

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I know it’s not my connection because I can play destiny perfectly fine and even play Nba 2k15 online as well! I thought they updated and fixed.

Back during my Playstation 1 days I was an avid basketball fan and purchased myself a couple of games that were new at the time; NBA games such as Shootout and Live But 9 years later I seem to have rekindled my interest for the sport, within the last 6 months or so I have started regularly watching a couple of games on TV during my spare hours and spent some time getting to grips with the rules and how the game is really played. As Christmas was just around the corner, I thought why not treat myself to a brand new game for my recently purchased Playstation 4?

So here is my review! However I feel that 2k15 offers quite alot of content for users to tinker around with and get used to. There are quite a few different game modes both online and offline and each have their own little twist in order to keep things fresh. Quick Match allows you to pick whichever teams you want to match up and play a quick exhibition at a quarter length of your choice, ranging from 2 minutes to the full 12 minutes.

MyLeague allow you to simulate what the NBA season is really like by selecting the team of your choice and playing your way through the season; trades, draft picks, injuries and much more feature in this game mode as you feel like a real NBA coach trying to maneuver your team towards the end of season playoffs. MyCareer is probably the most popular game mode on the game, and is my personal favourite.

You create your very own player and customize their hair, facial features, height, weight, position, etc. This game mode also has an intruiging story that you follow and your actions can ultimately affect what happens later on. The only downfall for me with MyCareer is the quarter length; the shortest you can set each quarter at is 6 minutes, and for me this is just abit too long as it makes each game last over half an hour.

MyPark can be fun or it can be frustrating.

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In this week’s Monday Tip-Off, Andrew discusses the importance of having proper matchmaking options in NBA 2K’s online modes.

If NBA 2K15 has taught me anything, it’s that getting real-life NBA players to act in your game often brings with it hilarious results. Mostly, it means bearing witness to the range of a guy like Detroit’s Andre Drummond, who has exactly one tone of voice for every mood that he’s trying to convey, whether it’s outraged, jubilant, or cajoling: a bored monotone of the sort that you often hear players use with the media.

Far from detracting from the overall experience, however, I think it actually adds to it, if only because it never fails to crack me up. Stilted as they are, though, the player voice-overs are also oddly thrilling. If sports games are about fulfilling the fantasy of being a pro athlete or having direct control of your favorite team, then being mentored by a virtual version of a familiar athlete is an extension of that sort of wish fulfillment.

Much as I chuckled at Drummond’s delivery, I still felt guilty about picking up stakes and moving to the New York Knicks after the Detroit Pistons had given me my shot. I had let Andre down. It’s moments like that, ultimately, that set NBA 2K15 apart from other sports sims. As a basketball sim, NBA 2K15 fundamentally understands that the NBA is driven by superstars and outsized personalities, and cheesy voice-acting aside, does an amazing job of conveying that through its gameplay.

Of course, this is nothing new for NBA 2K, which has long been lauded for its ambitious superstar mode, high-quality presentation, and realistic graphics. Ever since taking control of the market in , NBA 2K has built on those strengths year-by-year, putting it just a hair below FIFA 15 as the best sports sim around. Of all the sports sims to make the transition to current-generation consoles, NBA 2K14 was by far the most ambitious, introducing a movie-like storyline to its historically popular MyPlayer mode and dramatically overhauling its GM Mode.

But surprisingly, it actually stumbled a bit due to to the questionable decision to tie many key abilities to Virtual Currency, making it difficult to make meaningful advances without spending money. Happily, NBA 2K15 fixes many of those issues while taking a step forward in other respects.

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Full list of all 50 NBA 2K15 achievements worth gamerscore. It takes Make 15 or more three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game. 1 guide.

For those who do not know, NBA 2K15 is one of the more recent in a series of basketball games. You can create your own player and take them through an actual NBA career. NBA 2K15 has a slick sense of movement. Actions like faking right, shifting your momentum toward the low post, and floating the ball over a nearby defender look sharp, but going through these motions feels even better.

Where players stuck unrealistically close to one another in past games, 2K15 adds much more natural spacing between bodies both on and off the rock. NBA 2K15 rewards players who can evaluate the situation, read the defense, and move the ball efficiently. The better your situation, the wider the window for you to let loose a high-percentage shot.

You can still knock down a contested jumper from 25 feet, but this indicator gives you a better sense of why certain shots hit while others kick off the rim. This time around, you can much more easily determine your release point from the simple on-screen indicator. NBA 2K15 is more intricate than previous games in the series, and because of that, the learning curve is steeper.

NBA 2K15 – Game Review

Welcome to the basketball season! We’ve listed some common questions and answers below. Can I move my Virtual Currency between these versions?

As a basketball sim, NBA 2K15 fundamentally understands that the NBA trying to reduce the artificiality of the matchmaking, but I would rather.

Character models look true-to-life, and the various camera cuts that occur during a match give the game the feel of television production. The core gameplay of 2K15 has seen two big changes, and they both help give the game the depth it needed. Winning the chain wrestling minigame gives the victorious player an early advantage in momentum, meaning they will likely be the first to perform a signature move and take control of the match.

Another welcome addition is the return of the stamina bar. Each and every move you do, from punches to grapples to simply picking your opponent up off the canvas, costs a bit of stamina. This prevents opponents particularly online from spamming the same animations over and over, or from endlessly running around the ring, and slows down the action considerably.

Passion Blog 7: NBA 2K15

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In this review we will tackle content, graphics and presentation, gameplay, fun factor, and longevity. The Midterm Grades give a more accurate representation of the overall quality of the game because we have had almost six months to play, explore, poke and prod this game and know it now better than anyone who gave the week one review. We will take an in depth look at each mode and I will offer some suggestions on possible fixes. MyLeague: MyLeague offers players the ability to fully customize from financial rules in trades to chance of career ending injury.

This mode is a big step up from the previous installment but still could use some improvements on the simulation side of things. The ability to adjust sliders such as Trade Negotiation Difficulty and Career-Ending Injury Frequency is a nice addition but I still find it fairly easy to assemble a Super Team after a couple years. The mode has been a big step up but has room for improvements. Again in this mode I have found it a bit too easy to compile draft picks and sign almost any free agent if the team has the money.

In the mode the player has meetings with coaches and players and while this is a cool concept in reality it takes up time with loading screens and sloppy menus. In NBA 2K11 MyPlayer players could create unlimited, completely different MyPlayers and upgrade how ever they desired within the attribute caps, play quick matches online with up to 9 other user control players, matchmaking and the insanely popular Crew Mode.

In 2K15 players create one avatar MyPlayer who is used in park and career but if you want to create another career the new player will have the same name and appearance as the last MyCareer. Instead of upgrading individual attributes in2K15 players are forced to dump VC into different upgrade groups which upgrade a handful of attributes at a time. Honestly I dont hate this idea but the reason it fails is because there are only SIX categories.

Players cant upgrade Driving Layup without upgrading Post Control.

NBA 2K15 Achievements

Earlier this month we revealed everything we knew about the improvements coming to the MyGM mode , which promises several innovations that could make NBA 2K15 the destination sports game for franchise mode fans. Now after sitting down with senior producer Rob Jones we have more details surrounding the game presentation, gameplay, MyLeague, MyCareer, and the popular MyCareer role-player mode. Check out the new intel below:. Join Sign In.

In this passion blog I will writing about the game NBA 2K but it’s the reinvented movement system and improved physics that make 2K

With that in mind, I was actually pumped to try NBA 2K on the new console generation for the first time, figuring that any first-year transitional growing pains would be out of the way the second time around in NBA 2K Instead of putting fans in the shoes of a top draft pick like in past iterations, however, 2K15 makes you an undrafted free agent who has to fight for everything he gets—and I actually found this a pretty relatable situation.

This means that even talented American college stars will usually find themselves on the outside looking in. I went to college with an undrafted player who had a cup of coffee in the NFL, and it was clear to me that, regardless of how he performed—and he did well whenever he got the chance—the guys with the big contracts always got preferential treatment. The pickings were slim at the start, but I eventually got a tryout with the Detroit Pistons, one of the current doormats of the Eastern Conference.

The funny thing is, everyone else in the Motor City seemed so clueless and incompetent that I had no choice but to act as arrogant and show as much braggadocio as possible, so I kept taking that attitude to the next level. The team would just spin its wheels unless I demanded the rock every trip up the court. To start with, he chastised me for celebrating after I scored 21 points in 9 minutes off the bench, reminding me that we lost the game.

You know why we lost the game, Andre? Because our idiot coach decided to only play me 9 minutes!

NBA 2K15 Companion App Out on Android

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Buy NBA 2K15 by 2K for Xbox One at GameStop. Find release The amazing graphics and the animations make this a game worth playing. Good game for.

Tuesday was an important day on the NBA calendar. Not for any of the preseason contests on the docket, though I’m already partial to watching Minnesota’s Timberpups grow into Wolves sorry. Since you clicked on this particular article, you’ve come wondering what I think of said video game. But before we get to that, let’s take care of some semi-important housecleaning.

I wanted to give an explanation and highlight the meaning behind “first-impression” phrasing. The idea spawned from reading a DJBooth. The site’s policy for “first-impression” reviews is to address the necessity for immediacy in the Information Age, while acknowledging a more nuanced long-term take was in the offing. Their inspiration came from a J. Cole tweet bemoaning the music industry’s “one-listen” reviews and their lack of nuance. Cole was right.

It’s impossible to judge the impact of an album after one or even two listens; the greatest review artists receive is when fans continue going back long after the music has been released.

NBA 2K15 Review: Putting you in the NBA story like never before

All Achievements. Earned Achievements. Locked Achievements. Earned Date. Trip-Dub Record a triple-double with any player in a non-simulated game.

The latest patch finally stabilized NBA 2K15’s troublesome MyPark mode and fixed the frequent dashboard crashes that had been disrupting.

Your performance will decide which end of the spectrum you will be — either the 1 draft pick or sometime after the no. You play as well as you can in what is actually a tough match. After the game, a few executives from various franchises ask you a few questions which you must answer to stand a chance to be selected by them. There may not be right or wrong answers as each player has his own identity, but they do matter.

And in the end, you are selected in the NBA draft to start your career. Depending on your performances with the team, you could either just be a bench player, the sixth man or even grab a spot in the starting line-up — all while actually shutting down trolls on social media and grabbing endorsements with big brands. The mode that allows you to create a custom player, start out as a rookie and convert him into a superstar.

The first aspect of the gameplay that strikes you is the shot meter. The game is pretty real in that even a perfectly timed shot but yellow on the shot meter means that you could still miss.